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MSF Board of Trustees Selects New Chair and Officers

Croft Long of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has been named the new chair of the MSF Board of Trustees, following board elections last week. Robert Heilbron of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. was elected vice chair, and Jason Tolleson of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. was elected secretary/treasurer. Trustee and former chair Joe Dagley has been replaced by Matt Potter as the Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. trustee.

Fellow trustees include Ken Durr of KTM North America, Inc., Chase Rastegar of Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. and Paul Vitrano of Indian Motorcycle & Polaris Inc. Other MSF member companies are represented by Alexandre Borduas of BRP, Inc., Vinnie Kung of BMW, Inc., and Rod Lopusnak of Triumph Motorcycles America.

“My expectation for MSF is to grow and share the excitement and joy of motorcycling by instilling confidence and competence in new riders, and to motivate experienced riders to brush up on skills through advanced rider training,” said Long, senior product manager, corporate strategic planning, with Kawasaki. “I pledge to place as our number one priority the wants and needs of motorcyclists seeking state-of-the-art MSF rider training – developed by the professional MSF team in close partnership with research experts, supported by training centers and, most importantly, delivered by enthusiastic RiderCoaches every day on ranges across the U.S.”

MSF President and CEO Erik Pritchard expressed his appreciation for Dagley, the former chair of the board of trustees.

“The MSF staff routinely described Joe as being a great chair, great to work with, great at involving the other trustees,” Pritchard said. “He focused always on the MSF’s work and purpose, with professional drive and corporate experience that saw him get things done, in a nice way. We appreciate his long service to the MSF and the training community.”

Croft Long, MSD Board of Trustees, Kawasaki

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