Three Harley-Davidson dealerships sold to dealer group

Three Harley-Davidson dealerships — located in Woodstock and McHenry in Illinois and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin — have been acquired by the Windy City Motorcycle Company.

The dealerships are McHenry Harley-Davidson, Woodstock Harley-Davidson and Lake Geneva Harley-Davidson.

The addition of these stores brings Windy City Motorcycle Company’s network to 13 dealerships in Illinois and Wisconsin, including 10 dealerships and three retail centers. With the purchase, Windy City Motorcycle Group becomes the country’s largest Harley-Davidson dealership group.

“As in the past, these most recent acquisitions by WCMC were thoughtfully executed with the past owners’ guidance, and we will retain the existing staff and management,” Ozzie Giglio, principal of Windy City Motorcycle Company, said in a press release. “Our business mission is simple: We want to help entrepreneurs and fellow Harley lovers more firmly establish themselves in the community and to ensure their continued growth and success.”

When The Windy City Motorcycle Company began in 2001, they had just one location and only 14 employees. In the last 16 years, WCMC has grown in both size and spirit, now employing over 400. Along with his wife and business partner, Jill, Giglio has transformed Harley-Davidson locations across Chicagoland and beyond, and in doing so, has created hundreds of jobs…as well as a faithful community of riders who are re-committed to the Harley-Davidson experience.

“Our company has helped to breathe life back into the Harley-Davidson brand,” said Giglio, who is a passionate Harley-Davidson rider as well as former U.S. captain in the Navy. “Our business model has been simple but effective. We help under-performing dealerships and struggling entrepreneurs to achieve financial

strength, and we transform these cities into exciting rider destinations, which is beneficial for our community as a whole.”

Indeed, WCMC has helped to connect riders from all over the globe. Their renowned motorcycle tours offer guided trips to Sturgis and along Route 66, with riders coming from Europe and Asia to participate. They offer more guided rides than any other motorcycle company in the country, and they also offer free rider education (more than 1,000 students learn to ride each year thanks to WCMC), as well as free winter storage. (Over 3,000 bikes “winter” in the Chicagoland dealerships).

Most importantly, the Windy City Motorcycle Company prides itself on being a haven for riders.


“My wife, Jill, and I are both devoted Harley-Davidson riders, and I believe our love of riding has largely helped to contribute to our growth. We have earned the trust and loyalty of so many riders because they realize that we share their same passion and background.”

The Windy City Motorcycle Company offers a personalized rider experience that ensures each client’s needs are met, whether they are seeking a new bike, a repair, merchandise, or simply to become part of a riding community.

“Thanks to our many locations, we are best positioned in the industry to not only offer competitive prices and a highly-trained staff, but also to offer an enhanced rider experience,” Giglio said. “Our size and scope mean that riders never have to worry about breakdowns or finding engine parts when they are on the road. Whether you need to buy a part in McHenry and return it in Milwaukee or you want to rent a bike in Palatine and return it to Woodstock, our large family of dealerships makes that possible.”


  1. Seems like this growing monopoly in those two states will drive up HD prices in the WI IL market

  2. This sucks on every level. Anytime you have one “group” that owns this many dealerships, in the same area, the customer looses. One person I know already got rid of their Harley and bought an Indian. Two more have stated they were going to the motorcycle show to see what Honda has to offer. Not only are they driving people away from the local dealers, they are also driving people away from Harley.

  3. I stopped going to wcmc dealerships because of the loss of quality in there parts dept and service departments. I have known Ozzi and his wife and found the lack of customer service on going throught the dealership of WCMC I am sorry to see this monopoly which may force me to go out of state for anything Harley.

  4. i saw it coming. i was in the market to buy a new bike and got the runaround so iwent to a local dealer a little further away and got the deal i wanted then two weeks later that dealership was bought by them. now i’ll have to go to indiana. thats ok though its a nice ride.

  5. Been a long time customer of the Windy City operation and had the opportunity to meet and speak with Ozzie and his wife on multiple occasions as they ride and are active in the riding community. Two of the most genuine people I’ve met and their Dealerships always take exceptional care of my wife and me. So happy to see this and reap the benefits an operation like this will provide to the entire riding community! Now I can use my maintenance plans, gift cards etc. at any of these locations and I know this Ozzie’s drive to be the best in class. Thanks for all you’re doing Windy City and see ya on the road!

  6. So a year ago I got s sweet deal from citylymits by going back and forth between them and Woodstock.
    Can’t do that again!

  7. Good news, it’s actually just the opposite!
    “Economy of Scale: is the cost savings advantage that arises with increased output of a product… Economies of Scale may also Reduce variable costs per unit because of operational efficiencies and synergies…”

  8. Hi Brent and thank you! So kind of you. You know we ride too, and have done all of this from day one with nothing but Riders in mind (b/c we’re on the road and customers too!:). We’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into creating friendly, fun yet professional and skilled dealerships for all our Harley needs. Thank you for your support; it is genuinely appreciated! Ride like the wind….

  9. Hi Jim and sorry you feel this way.
    Actually, the rider wins with all of this.
    Hope you’ll read up on the tremendous benefits; plus the undaunting value of the brand. Best Regards.

  10. Hi Allen. You said you know us, so that means you know we are brothers and sisters of the wind… and have done all of this since day one to increase and improve the level of service and experience in the dealerships, to make them as cool inside as it is being out on the road. Would appreciate hearing from you; your note hit my heart like a knife, prob b/c all we do, live and breathe is serving the riding community with all of our hearts and soul. Be well.

  11. WCMC has ruined any “mom and pop” dealerships they got their hands on. Been riding Harley for over 20 years and have visited EVERY dealership in the Chicagoland area within a 200 mile radius. I can vouch that this “group” does ruin the shopping experience for the customer as well as ruin relationships with their own employees. I’ve known several employees over the last 20 years, and have spoken to them after hours on rides or pit stops, and they ALL say that Ozzie and his crew start out fine when they take over a dealership, but it doesn’t take long for his true colors to show. Aside from knowing this information from former employees, I can vouch from personal experience. I would rather go out of my way and buy/service my rides at a non WCMC dealership. I myself have found Uke’s in Kenosha to be a great dealership !! I would highly recommend them without hesitation. Been doing my regular business there for over ten years, but have visited them many years ago, still when they were located in an smaller dealership few miles away. Again, do your own research. There’s a reason some of these acquired WCMC dealerships are closing?? Read between the lines.

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