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Report: Royal Enfield to launch electric motorcycle in 2025

According to’s Jared Solomon, Royal Enfield plans to launch a new electric motorcycle in 2025, shifting the company’s strategy to a global EV platform.

Royal Enfiled acquired a 10 percent stake in Stark Future to help produce electric motorcycles for the Indian-brand. (Photo: Stark Future)

The report says that oldest motorcycle maker might be enlisting help from the Spanish electric motorcycle manufacturer Stark Future, which RE’s parent company acquired a stake in.

The new electric motorcycle is expected to be a global product, combining the classic traits for which Royal Enfield is known. And with Harley-Davidson and Triumph recently launching midsize bikes that compete directly with the company, it appears that Enfield is shifting gears to the electric motorcycle market, which the report notes has been “growing rapidly.” (However, we have seen the segment sputter lately with LiveWire and others.)

Stark Future is known for its Stark Varg electric dirt bike, which was launched in 2022 with sales of 1,000 units within the first 24 hours. It is believed that Royal Enfield’s electric future could incorporate some of Stark’s powertrain development and chassis construction expertise.

In a recent statement to the Indian press, Royal Enfield’s managing director, Siddhartha Lal, highlighted the company’s vision for electric motorcycles:

“The company is around two years away from launching its [first] electric motorcycle… We are riding our prototypes; we still have time. We don’t want to put half-baked stuff on the market. Our idea is to be totally disruptive. It is not about taking some competition head-on; we are working on a completely different paradigm on EVs. It takes time to put together something really fantastic.”

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