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Taiga partners with Texas service provider

Taiga Motors Corporation has announced that Float On, an Austin, Texas-based boat-rental company, is now an official Taiga service provider (TSP).

“We are pleased to welcome Float On as a Taiga service provider, not only because they’re a top-rated boat rental company in Austin, but because they’re an established family-owned business offering a premium experience with a local perspective,” says Sam Bruneau, CEO and co-founder of Taiga Motors. “Texas was a premier choice for Taiga because it has one of the highest levels of EV adoption in the U.S. while being a key boating market.”

Taiga Orca Carbon PWC
The Austin-based boat rental company, Float On, is now a Taiga Service Provider and will act as a local point of contact for Taiga customers. Photo courtesy of Taiga Motors Corporation

Taiga operates a hybrid direct-to-consumer model, so customers purchase the vehicles directly from the manufacturer. TSPs like Float On act as local points of contact for Taiga customers and accompany them on their off-road electric vehicle adventures. Taiga carefully evaluates each provider to ensure they have solid industry experience, a commitment to the growth of EVs, compliance with Taiga standards of excellence and an unmatched dedication to the customer.

Equipped with the necessary tools, parts, accessories and training, Float On will handle delivery, perform pre-delivery inspections (PDIs) and provide after-sales service to assist customers through the ownership of their new watercraft although Taiga’s 100% electric vehicles require low maintenance, most of which can be delivered through remote service and Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

“When we started Float On, we set out to redefine the boating experience and provide our customers with unforgettable experiences,” says David Callejas, owner of Float On. “As a Taiga Service Provider, we can do just that. We are excited to help Taiga expand the EV motorsports market by making an electric personal watercraft like Orca Carbon accessible to Austinites that want to prioritize sustainable water exploration.”

While TSPs have typically been powersports dealers, Taiga continues to push the boundaries of the direct-to-consumer model in its mission to electrify motorsports by onboarding Float On as its latest Taiga Service Provider.

The Orca Carbon is a fully electric personal watercraft equipped with a powerful electric motor and a unique lightweight carbon fiber hull and top deck. It can also deliver up to two hours of play time on the water. Orca Carbon is maneuverable and agile on the water, making it perfect for thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts.

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