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Rider Magazine reviews 2023 CFMOTO 300SS

Allison Parker, assistant editor of Rider Magazine, shares her review of the CFMOTO 300SS after a month of riding the bike on city streets, highways and winding country roads.  

Parker was immediately impressed by the appearance of the 300SS. “The lines on the bodywork are well-done, the colored stripe on the wheels adds personality, and the air vents under the passenger seat make the 300SS look like it means business,” she says. “Aside from looking cool, it also has good fit and finish.”

The CFMOTO 300SS comes equipped with full LED lighting, two ride modes, Bluetooth connectivity, ABS, and other thoughtful features. Photo courtesy of Yve Assad

Parker describes the bike as nimble and responsive, providing plenty of power that doesn’t compromise control. “The 300SS’s smaller size, flickability, and affordability make this bike a smart choice for new riders,” she says. 

Parker reviews the comfort of the bike, its firm suspension, affordability and the usability of the TFT display. She also compares Eco mode versus Sport mode. Click on the image below to read Parker’s review and learn more about the CFMOTO 300SS:

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