What do you think about Polaris’ manufacturing realignment?

If you haven’t already heard, Polaris has decided to create a new facility in Mexico, which will eventually lead to the sale or closure of Polaris’ Osceola, Wis., manufacturing operations.

While I think it’s unfortunate some of the work has to leave the United States (snowmobile assembly will stay put in Roseau and Victory in Spirit Lake), the potential cost savings make it a smart move for the manufacturer.

The realignment is expected to generate pre-tax costs and expense savings in excess of $30 million on an annual basis when the transition has been completed. The company expects to see some of the cost savings as early as next year.

Do you think they should have worked out a way to keep the production from the Osceola, Wis., facility in the United States?

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  1. I have always been a big fan of “made in America” Polaris,,,Was real happy when they started making engines in US,,,Not happy about Mexico,,Hope negative feed back gets them to change their plan,,,BUY USA !!

  2. Being from Wisconsin, the loss of local jobs is always bad news. Polaris states that they are looking to improve their worldwide sales when in fact they are looking for cheap labor and less tax. I believe this will lower their US marketshare, as it should!

  3. Polaris may have just lost a life long customer with this move ,own seven diferent Polaris products at this time. Was proud to say Made In USA ,tried to persuade others to buy from Polaris. I know over the years some parts have been from China, Japan, Mexico, but to just shut down a plant for the almighty dollar may hurt the entire Made In USA idea!!!!! I did not consider others before, but not sure I can support a Company who maybe did not give Wisconsin a second look!!

  4. After being a Polaris dealer not so long ago and knowing how this company treats it dealers its not suprising how it treats it employees, so much for made in in america they are just all about the $$$$ forget how they affect peoples lives. They were one brand we sold and the worst company!!!!

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