Visit Powersports Business in Indy

What would you like to change about Powersports Business, the magazine? It's a question we plan on asking you during the International Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Feb. 18-20.
As usual, Powersports Business will have several representatives at the event, including Publisher Tammy Galvin, Editor Neil Pascale, Managing Editor Guido Ebert and Founding Editor Joe Delmont.
Stop by booth No. 1613 to talk about the industry and just as importantly, about the magazine.
We're planning to redesign the magazine this year and in the process, we'll take a careful look at the content. So expect questions like, what do you like about the magazine? What would you prefer to see more of? What would you prefer to see less of?
“Input from our readers will be crucial during this process,” said Powersports Business Editor Neil Pascale.
Editors Pascale and Ebert won't always be available at the booth, but Ehlert Publishing will always have the booth staffed.
See you in Indy!

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