Yamaha introduces new recycled material for motorcycle bodywork

Yamaha Motor announced that it is developing a high-quality and environmentally friendly recycled polypropylene (PP) material to be used for powersports vehicle bodywork. The company says it will begin using the new raw material on motorcycle/scooter models in ASEAN markets.

Yamaha introduces recycle raw material
The new recycled polypropylene material may be introduced first on scooters for the Indonesian market. (Photo: Gear125, Yamaha)

This eco-friendly recycled PP material is made only from pre-consumer materials with a traceable manufacturing history and no risk of containing hazardous substances, such as purging compounds and scraps generated in the production process.

Yamaha Motor has been driving the development and use of recycled PP in its products for some time now, but this newly developed material offers even higher levels of strength and quality compared to conventional recycled materials.

The Japanese OEM says it plans to raise the percentage of recycled materials used in its motorcycles and gradually integrate the material into other product categories.

In line with its 2050 Environmental Plan, Yamaha is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality throughout its entire supply chain by 2050. The company says it plans to switch to 100% sustainable materials by this time and will expand its efforts to adopt green and other recycled materials for its products.

The company hasn’t said when these new materials might be used on products developed for the North American market, but if they are going to hit their goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050, one can safely assume it will be here sooner than later.