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Flyer Electric Bikes expands distribution network

As Flyer Electric Bikes expands its distribution, the company has announced it will offer a free e-bike to in-store retailers if they join the brand’s dealer network through Beeline Connect by May 1. The free e-bike offered is a Flyer M880 that retails for $1,799.

This promotion is only applicable to brick and mortar shop locations that own physical inventory. In addition, the first free Flyer M880 does not automatically qualify a shop as a stocking dealer. A purchase and/or repurchase of additional bikes at wholesale price will qualify a shop for this stocking dealer status. However, shops can become authorized service centers (non-stocking locations) through Beeline Connect.

Beeline Connect is an online platform connecting riders, retailers and brands with assembly services and last-mile product fulfillment. Through this partnership, Radio Flyer, which developed the Flyer brand, can now display service center locations, offer online service scheduling and provide test ride dealer locations from the Flyer website.

Flyer Electric Bikes will expand its distribution network, offering a free Flyer M880 to new retailers.

“We are excited to welcome new e-bike retailers to our dealer network and look forward to seeing more Flyer e-bikes in stores across the nation,” said Tom Schlegel, chief innovation officer, Flyer Electric Bikes. “Our e-bikes are uniquely designed with families in mind, and we hope the added convenience provided through this partnership with Beeline Connect will serve as a resource for busy parents looking to replace car trips with bike rides.”

Retailers and service providers looking to join the Flyer dealer network will receive exclusive perks and can request to join through the Beeline Connect platform. All other bike shops are encouraged to contact Radio Flyer directly to become an authorized dealer.

Non-stocking dealer benefits according to Radio Flyer:

  • Being listed on the Flyer e-bike website as an authorized service center.
  • Zero stocking requirement.
  • Post-sales service opportunities.

Stocking dealer benefits:

  • Being listed on the Flyer e-bike website as a test ride/dealer location.
  • Wholesale pricing on bike bundles with select accessories.
  • Single unit stocking requirement.
  • Post-sales service opportunities.
  • Free shipping.

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