Ski-Doo advocates responsible snowmobile riding

Ski-Doo is promoting responsible riding and increasing its efforts to encourage riders to rethink their approach to safety, environment and riding practices. Riders will be engaged on four unique fronts focused on improving rider safety and preserving the sport for years to come. The fronts include Take the Pledge, Avalanche Awareness Seminars and Safety Partnerships, Snow P.A.S.S., and International Snowmobile Safety Week.

“As a leader in the snowmobile industry, we have a responsibility to grow the community of responsible riders, educate our community on preserving our winter playgrounds and generate positive experiences,” said Jérémi Doyon-Roch, manager, global marketing, snowmobile and cross brand initiatives at BRP. “Every action and initiative we take at Ski-Doo is to ensure our sport flourishes today and for future generations of riders. In addition, by working with local organizations, associations and clubs throughout all of our programs, we are helping to ensure riders know where they can safely enjoy the snow and, most importantly, return home to do it all again the next day.”

Ski-Doo is promoting responsible riding and increasing its efforts to encourage riders to rethink their approach to safety, environment and riding practices.

Take the Pledge for our Playgrounds

Ski-Doo calls on the entire snowmobiling community to “Take the Pledge” ⎯ a collective effort to preserve access to trails on private and public lands and backcountry winter playgrounds. Trespassing and illegal off-trail riding is threatening snowmobile access. The brand encourages all snowmobilers to be responsible and pledge their commitment to ensure the sport continues to flourish today and for future generations of riders.

Strength in the Knowledge

Ski-Doo believes in creating safe experiences for all riders and embarks on its fourteenth year of backcountry rider education with free avalanche awareness and avoidance seminars for snowmobilers. From Oct. 4to Nov. 30, riders of all brands, at all levels of experience, are welcomed and encouraged to attend the in-person events with their fellow backcountry explorers to increase or refresh their knowledge in a fun atmosphere. In addition to offering free seminars, Ski-Doo partnered with associations in Canada and in the U.S., and lent 14 snowmobiles last year, and will again this year, to help provide avalanche reports and real world data to all riders. View the video here to learn more.

Protect. Access. Sustain. Support.

For a second year in a row, the Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S program returned to help fund community-led projects that improve the sport of snowmobiling. As of today, it has provided $881,000 CAD in funding towards more than 175 projects. In partnership with its incredible network of dealers, the grant program offers up to $5,000 in matching funds to grassroots associations and clubs engaged in the many activities that ensure the health of the sport.

The 2023 International Snowmobile Safety Week


From Jan. 14-22, Ski-Doo and BCA will piggyback on safety week awareness messages to educate the riders on code of conduct to protect the social acceptability of the sport. To do so, ambassadors of the brands will be asked to create and share content with their communities and reinforce the key pillars of Responsible Rider: safety – get the gear, environment – get the forecast and etiquette – get out of harm’s way. Stay tuned on Ski-Doo social platforms to view the content.