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Garage Composites broadens ownership group

Garage Composites has announced the expansion of its ownership group with the addition of Glorita “Glo” Cuiffi. Cuiffi, chief operating officer of the company, is becoming a partner in the company that operates across North America and overseas in the powersports, marine and bicycle industries.

Cuiffi has been with the company for nearly five years during which Garage Composites rapidly expanded its dealership peer advisory groups (20 clubs) across multiple industries and diversified its training opportunities. The Denver-based company now provides F&I and service advisor training in addition to its in-depth service manager, sales manager and general manager training.

“We’re going to continue to expand our training opportunities to our dealer-members who rely on us to provide a foundation of education to improve their profitability and customer and employee satisfaction,” Cuiffi said.

Before joining Garage Composites, Cuiffi spent more than 17 years with Scott Fischer Enterprises, eventually becoming part of the Harley-Davidson dealership group’s executive group.

“Glo brings tremendous industry experience to our organization,” said Tony Gonzalez, CEO of Garage Composites. “It is not often that you can find someone that has the boots on the ground experience in retail combined with the business acumen to be a solid consultant. Glo will be a hands-on owner and will continue to make her mark on our family of clients.”

“As well as being a client and friend in our 20-Clubs for years, Glo was the chief operations officer for the Scott Fisher Enterprises (SFE),” said Sam Dantzler, president of Garage Composites. “During her tenure there, SFE was in the process of acquiring multiple rooftops, including both Harley-Davidson and Powersports. From store operations and general management to multi-rooftop acquisitions and coordination, Glo has all the boxes checked. We are super excited to have Glo join us on the ownership team.”

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