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NPA recognizes National Powersports Month

NPA shares its enthusiasm for the powersports industry with this designated commemorative month. Since July is officially National Powersports Month, check out, created by National Powersport Auctions, NPA. National Powersports Month recognizes and promotes recreational and professional powersports across the USA.

Summertime is a busy time for riders to enjoy powersports, and what better month than July to celebrate the fun and inspire customers to go on some riding adventures? From motorcycles to jet skis, venture on-road, off-road, on water or snow.

Americans have been enjoying powersports for over a century. Powersports are made for commuting, recreational pleasure riding and racing. As a subcategory to motorsports, powersports history is tied in with the beginning of motorcycles.

The first motor-driven, two-wheeled vehicle powered by steam originated in America as early as 1867. The first ‘true’ motorcycle was invented in Germany in 1885. From that time on, powersports continued to grow. Today North America is a world leader in the powersports market. According to a January 2022 report from Stratview Research, the growing demand for powersports for leisure activities is predicted to exceed $47.9 billion by 2027.

While this month promotes powersports awareness, it also seeks to educate people on good practices and safety measures. Refresh on the rules of the road or water, how to maintain equipment and ride safe.

Spending so much time indoors during the lockdowns over the past couple of years has riders clamoring even more for the great outdoors. The takeaway from commemorating all powersports this month is to have fun outside. There are many ways to participate in National Powersports Month. Here are some ideas on how riders can celebrate America’s outdoor powersport pastimes.

1. Go on a road trip.

Take a road trip alone, with friends or family. Explore places you’ve never been before on your motorcycle or trike.

2. Play off-road.

Get your motors running for time out in the wide-open spaces on your ATV, side by side, or motorcycle.

3. Take a ride on the water.

Set out for a water adventure on an ocean, river, or lake on a boat or personal watercraft (PWC).


4. Make some lines in the snow.

Head for the mountains to enjoy snowy trails on your snowmobile.

Even though National Powersports Month is in July, NPA encourages everyone to enjoy riding all year long. There are many recreational as well as professional clubs, events, and activities where riders can participate. Visit online resources such as, and for more ideas. Go ride to join NPA in recognizing the wonderful world of powersports.

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