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ARCH Motorcycle forms exclusive lighting partnership

ARCH Motorcycle, the Los Angeles-based production motorcycle company co-founded by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, has announced a lighting partnership with a company that is familiar to most, J.W. Speaker. Germantown, Wisconsin-based J.W. Speaker provide its premium LED headlights for all ARCH Motorcycle units built in 2022, including the ARCH KRGT-1 and the upcoming ARCH 1s and ARCH Method 143 models. J.W. Speaker and ARCH Motorcycle will also partner in developing customized LED lighting technology for future ARCH models.

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“We’re beyond thrilled to be working with ARCH Motorcycle as their lighting partner for 2022 builds and beyond. We look forward to collaborating with the ARCH team,” said Trish Logue, director of marketing at J.W. Speaker. “J.W. Speaker has been at the forefront of innovative LED lighting designs for decades and developed the world’s first dynamically Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight, designed to calculate bank angles on a real-time basis, automatically sending light up or down as the motorcycle leans into a corner. ARCH Motorcycle has built its brand around utilizing best-in-class components and we’re proud to be part of its roster of partners.”

“J.W. Speaker has been an important collaborator of ours for years, so we’re excited to evolve that relationship further as we look ahead to the release of upcoming models like the ARCH 1s,” Hollinger said. “Our riders’ safety is of utmost importance and working alongside a trusted partner like J.W. Speaker with their Adaptive 2 Series headlights ensures we deliver best-in-class lighting technology for all ARCH motorcycles.”

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