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Colorado start-up announces new electric side-by-side

RINDEV has announced the opening of preorder reservations for its new electric side-by-side that the company says is designed to address issues of global warming and overall experience. According to the announcement, RINDEV is the first company of its kind to produce an all-electric, high-performance, and long-range vehicle in this market.

To combat global environmental issues, RINDEV is engineering its technology platform to electrify the powersports industry with vehicles that intend to replace the traditional internal combustion engine with electric motors. With consumer-driven engineering, RINDEV is providing vehicles that will be durable and resistant to all season and all weather conditions.

RINDEV has partnered with Tread Lightly! – a nonprofit committed to protecting access to public lands and promoting responsible outdoor recreation through training, education, and stewardship.

RINDEV is also supported by powersports consultant, Gary Gustafson, who Powersports Business previously interviewed to discuss recent supply chain issues.

A recent focus group held by RINDEV showed that respondents provided positive feedback and showed enthusiasm toward the overall vehicle design and specifications. Since then, nearly $1 million worth of preorders have been placed.

Vehicle preorders are now open to the public.

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