April-May sales impressive for dealership

A dealership operator with three locations across two states experienced impressive growth during April and May, Powersports Business has learned from the dealer principal.

“We have experienced tremendous growth of 40-80% increase in sales over April-May compared to 2019. This increase can be attributed to our dealerships having a larger than normal (compared to many dealerships) amount of inventory on hand. This created demand from many customers outside our area searching for inventory outside of their normal acceptable distance to make a purchase.”

“Additionally, we were very quick to put in place procedures that made the buying public comfortable with visiting our retail stores and making purchases, e.g. curbside service, disinfecting all areas, financing at a safe distance and delivery of cleaned products directly to the customer’s home or business.

“Of course a big presence on the internet and social media has played a big roll.

“Business continues to show signs of strength as individuals are searching for activities to get them out of the house (lockdown) that can be enjoyed at a safe distance.

“All of these factors have combined into a perfect storm for the sale of off-road products. As concern for the coronavirus wanes we are still restricting customers into our showrooms and still providing curbside services for parts, service and sales. Our biggest concern now is the ability to fulfill holes in our inventory created by this uptick in demand and manufacturers lack of inventory due to supply chain issues and increased demand.”

Are your customers driving by multiple competitors simply because you have the inventory? Are you gearing up for another big month of June sales? Send me a note.

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at powersportsbusiness.com

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