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West dealerships wallop Feb. sales: Lightspeed data

The Same Store Sales data for February 2020 vs. February 2019 at Lightpseed DMS dealerships was so good that we had to get the word out to our faithful Enewsletter readers. Of course, you’ll be able to see the nationwide gains in the upcoming edition of the print magazine. For the first time, the pool of dealerships contributing to the aggregate data has exceeded 1,700 rooftops.

The West was the big winner in March, showing overall revenue growth (new and pre-owned units, PG&A and service) in February 2020 vs. February 2019 of 28.7 percent. New and pre-owned unit revenue was up 31.7 percent. Those two data points are unlike any gains we’ve seen for a year-over-year monthly period for the past decade. Service was up 15.6 percent in the West, and Parts was up 10.9 percent.

There was plenty for dealers to smile about regarding January and February sales during the North Carolina Motorcycle Dealers Association meeting in Charlotte.

It all meshes with conversations we’ve had with dealer principals and retail and wholesale financing folks in recent weeks at both the North Carolina Motorcycle Dealers Association annual meeting in Charlotte, as well as the Polaris Snowmobile Dealer Meeting in Texas. In other words, the first two months of the year for the most part have started off swimmingly at retail for dealerships.

— Dave McMahon, editor

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