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Polaris introduces new winch technology

Polaris is launching a first-of-its-kind Rapid Rope Recovery feature to its current PRO HD Winch lineup, and expanding the PRO HD Winch into the SPORTSMAN and ACE models. Rapid Rope Recovery re-spools the rope five times faster than the lower gear, allowing riders to get back to work or back on the trails faster, and will come standard on the PRO HD winch lineup for RANGER, RZR, GENERAL, SPORTSMAN and ACE models. 

The Rapid Rope Recovery feature was developed through a rigorous testing process, keeping gear quality and durability as the highest priority. Also equipped with wireless control and an auto-stop re-spooling feature, the PRO HD winch lineup is durable and easy-to-use in even the toughest conditions. Through extensive testing in harsh environments over thousands of hours, Polaris’ engineers extracted key insights to make these significant improvements:

  • Gearing — Polaris went through multiple iterations of gear materials, hardness and gear profile details to fine tune the shift effort and ensure the gears shift into position correctly every time. 
  • Wireless Remote — When users are done winching, it is ideal to have the user operator the winch guide the rope as it re-spools, and to do it well, that user needs to be able to control the winch from the end of the rope. 
  • Auto Stop — Polaris added Auto Stop to ensure the winch stops when the rope returns to the winch.
  • Wireless Receiver Box — Polaris made enhancements to ensure the winch re-spools in water and mud.

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