Motorcycle-riding robot exhibited in Tokyo

First displayed in Yamaha’s technology exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, Motobot is an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot. Motobot approaches riding operations from a human rider’s standpoint — with no modifications made to the motorcycle itself. The development theme is “Beyond Human Capabilities.”


In general, robots are developed to specialize in a specific task and this typically allows them to surpass the capability of humans for that task. Utilizing this advantage, the end goal of Motobot is to become capable of competing against racer Valentino Rossi’s lap times around a racetrack. The knowledge and highly advanced fundamental technologies gained from this challenge will be put to use in developing new products and creating new value.


Goals for the Motobot include:

2015 — Aims: Straight-line riding up to a top speed of 100 km/h; running a slalom course; cornering

2017 — Aims: Deduce the requirements for riding that exceeds human capabilities; lap a racetrack at 200km/h or higher

2020 — Aims: Use the knowledge and underlying technologies gained from the Motobot development project to deliver new value from Yamaha to our customers.



To read more about Motobot, visit Yamaha’s website here.

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