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Trike conversion manufacturer offers Tomahawk for Indian Motorcycles

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Troup, Texas-based Motor Trike, Inc. announced the release of its first trike conversion for Indian Motorcycle models, utilizing its patented Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) to offer the “Tomahawk” trike conversion available for Indian Chief, Chieftain, and Roadmaster motorcycles 2014 and newer.

The company is excited to offer the Tomahawk as a trike conversion that exceeds the trike market’s need for a ride-worthy conversion kit option for the Indian motorcycles. The Tomahawk design team took the challenge of matching the motorcycles’ iconic edge — both in superior ride experience and styling, especially.

“Don’t let the bagger look fool you,” Motor Trike Operations Manager J.D. Vey explained. “This is a high performance trike. Our Tomahawk design team took that old school bagger look from the Indian motorcycle and incorporated it into its perfect trike conversion. The Tomahawk pairs the classic American-made motorcycle with the best handling and unbelievable ride quality that only Motor Trike knows.”


The Motor Trike’s seamless integration also extends beyond the body lines: The Tomahawk’s trunk latch is designed to lock and unlock the trike trunk by utilizing the factory Indian features—key fob and fuel tank switches.

Following suit of its kit offerings for other major bike brands, the Motor Trike Tomahawk features
all the technology needed to complete the optimal ride experience, including patented Air Ride Suspension, trunk with one of the largest door openings in the industry, and its state-of-the-art Independent Rear Suspension (full list below). The Tomahawk kit is also compatible with the most available options for Indian motorcycle conversions, including a rake kit option, parking brake option, and multi-tone paint options to form a truly customized ride for those on the leading edge (full list below).

The company is currently taking orders for the Tomahawk IRS conversion kit for the Indian Chief, Chieftain, and Roadmaster with a starting price of $8,995 (plus applicable taxes and fees). All trike kits include Motor Trike’s three-year/60,000-mile warranty.

The Tomahawk is available through Authorized Motor Trike dealers. Customers may locate their nearest dealers to order:

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