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DragonFire wins Mint 400

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They say the third time is a charm … and in the case of DragonFire-sponsored Pro Unlimited UTV pilot Lacrecia Beurrier this is certainly true.  She beat the odds in Las Vegas and won the legendary Mint 400 this past weekend! Since the inaugural event back in 1967, the 400-mile race through the Nevada desert has earned its reputation for being the toughest off-road race in North America. In fact, last year Lacrecia was lucky to even finish, but this year she hit the jackpot at The Mint!


With 25 different classes, more than 300 competitors and the biggest field of UTVs in race history, Lacrecia was facing a stacked deck from the 7 a.m. start. Things didn’t get any easier… shortly after leaving Pit A, the infamous Mint rocks jumped out and took out the driver’s side front tire. Despite a quick tire swap, several racers went past. “Near the end of the first lap, Lacrecia was on the gas trying to catch up to those who passed us during the flat tire,” says co-driver and DragonFire Social Media Manager Chris Moore. “Lacrecia let her skills shine as she was passing vehicles left and right when, bang! Another tire blew.”

The two didn’t want to risk the vehicle being further damaged, so they reluctantly jumped out and swapped the tire… while watching all their hard work get past them once again. They climbed back in the car to finish out the lap, only to get a raw deal at the main pit. Although the pit crew flew through swapping tires and gassing up, more time was lost to changing a suspicious looking rear axle. A fellow competitor even commented on Facebook after the race that Lacrecia should have won the perseverance award.

“Lacrecia had worked her way back up to 4th physically before the time it took to make the axle swamp,” says Moore. “The track was extremely chewed up at this point, but she put the hammer down trying to make up time for the flats. The RZR XP 1000 really showed why it’s king of the hill,” claims Moore. Unlike her two previous wins in the Sportsman Class, this XP 1000 packs a bit more punch needed for the Pro Unlimited Class.

“We wanted more power, but didn’t want to gamble on a grenade,” says the 3X Mint 400 winner. “Queen Racing hedged our bets by building the perfect balance of horsepower and reliability, while Royal Purple lubricants greased the skids, as it were,” she adds. “Thanks also to Gates for a belt that was able to beat the desert heat and 400 miles of torture!”

After rolling her car on top of the podium there was silence, until the announcer said “You have just won the Mint 400!” Moore adds, “The crowd went wild as Lacrecia climbed on top of her car and popped the cork on the champagne in celebration of her third Mint 400 title and first Pro Class win! “Thanks to friends and family for volunteering for Pit Crew duty,” says Lacrecia. “That is what won the race for us.”

Lacrecia would like to thank all the sponsors contributing to her third Mint 400 title, including DragonFire, AZ West, Polaris Industries, Bell, BS Sand, Bulldog LED lights, CP-Carrillo, Dalton Industries, Elka, Gates, ITP, Lonestar Racing, Monster Seal, Mothers, Muzzy’s, Queen Racing, Raceline Wheels, Rockstar Customs, Royal Purple and Rugged Radios. Get details at


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