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Polaris reveals Slingshot with $19,999 starting MSRP

Polaris celebrated 60 years of innovation by introducing the highly anticipated Polaris Slingshot, an awe-inspiring 3-wheel roadster that represents the future of on-road driving exhilaration.  “Slingshot was designed to deliver head turning exhilaration on two dimensions” said Mike Jonikas, Vice President of Slingshot.  “First is the exhilaration that you can see, hear, and feel while riding in Slingshot.  Second is the exhilaration you feel when people turn their heads to stare at Slingshot’s unique and exotic styling.”

Slingshot 1


Slingshot is an entirely new on-road driving and riding experience.  The open air cockpit of Slingshot hits you with a 360 degree rush of sight, sound, and smell.  With side by side seating, both driver and passenger experience a front row shot of adrenaline.  Its wide stance and sport-tuned suspension will make you want to charge every corner and never let off.  With a low to the ground vehicle stance, you can feel the rush of pavement under your seat and in your chest.  Slingshot is lightweight and powerful, making for heart pounding acceleration.  Just punch it and you are there.

Slingshot 2


Slingshot is powered by a 2.4 liter dual-overhead cam engine and a 5-speed manual transmission.  It features a high strength steel spaceframe, a lightweight aluminum swingarm, and a carbon fiber reinforced drive belt.  With a dry weight of less than 1,700 lbs., a very low center of gravity, and an engine that produces 173 horsepower, Slingshot™ delivers heart pounding acceleration and astonishing cornering power.  Slingshot has advanced motorcycle features such as electronic stability and traction control, 3-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, LED taillights, forged aluminum roll hoops, and 3-point seat belts.  Slingshot can also be personalized with premium accessories that are designed for your vehicle:  larger tires with forged aluminum wheels, media console, windscreens, and vehicle covers.

Slingshot 3


Slingshot is offered in two distinct trim levels.  The base Slingshot, with a U.S. MSRP of only $19,999, features titanium metallic paint, 17 inch lightweight alloy wheels upfront, and an 18 inch wheel in the rear.  The premium model called Slingshot™ SL, with a U.S. MSRP of only $23,999, features red pearl paint, larger 18 inch forged aluminum wheels upfront and a 20 inch wheel in the rear, and a blade windscreen for wind protection.  It also features our media console with a 4.3” LCD screen, back-up camera, Bluetooth® integration, and a 6-speaker audio system.  Both trim models will be available this fall at Polaris Slingshot™ dealerships across the United States and Canada.  Learn more at

NOTE:  Slingshot is a 3-wheeled motorcycle.  It is not an automobile, it does not have airbags, and it does not meet automotive safety standards. Three-wheel vehicles may handle differently than other vehicles, especially in wet conditions.  Always wear helmets and fasten seat belts.  Driver may need a valid motorcycle endorsement.  Don’t drink and drive.


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  1. 175hp. 1,700 lbs. 10hp per 100 lbs. that’s as much launch trust as a twin engine Cessna (aircraft). 10 fold that of a “standard car”, 10 (ten) TIMES!!! oMg at a tenth the cost of an Atom!! DA BOMB!!!!!!

  2. Slingshot should sell well in Southern California. Who will be the 1st to put a turbo on it? A turbo will be a perfect match, as the low end power is at it’s max and top end will handle the enhancement nicely. A great canyon carver, the younger males are pegged to buy the Slingshot, but maybe it is a good substitute for older riders.

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