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Yamaha unveils 2014 WaveRunners, all-new SVHO 1812cc engine

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Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today (Aug. 12) introduced its 2014 line of WaveRunner personal watercraft highlighted by two new flagship luxury performance models and the debut of the most powerful motor ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner — the Yamaha Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) marine engine.

Also making news is Yamaha’s FZ Series of high-performance, race inspired watercraft that will feature the new SVHO engine, and the value focused VX Series that will now come with Yamaha’s proprietary nanotechnology-engineered NanoXcel hulls and decks, which sheds 65 pounds compared to 2013 models.

“This is a huge year for Yamaha WaveRunners with the introduction of the most powerful, highest performing engine we’ve ever placed in a WaveRunner,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha’s product manager. “And we didn’t just stop at the engine. We enhanced every single performance component surrounding this new engine to get the absolute most performance and dialed in handling we could get. The models featuring our new SVHO engine deliver race ready performance right out of the box.”

The New Yamaha Super Vortex High Output Motor

The new Super Vortex High Output engine is a purpose-built 1812cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder, supercharged and intercooled Yamaha Marine engine. All models featuring the SVHO engine will also come with a new 160mm, eight-vein jet pump for maximum thrust volume and hook up.

In addition, cooling efficiency has been increased by 25 percent, the supercharger air intake by 20 percent with a larger diameter supercharger impeller and Yamaha increased supercharger boost by 60 percent. Yamaha increased oil cooling efficiency by 110 percent with an all new oil cooling system and the SVHO engine features an advanced fuel injection system to increase fuel flow and added high-performance forged pistons to deliver peak power.

A New Flagship – The 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO Series

For 2014, Yamaha’s FX Series of luxury performance WaveRunners are led by the new FX Cruiser SVHO and FX SVHO models. These models offer the ultimate combination of luxury features with the most powerful engine ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner. Designed for the consumer who wants it all, the new FX Cruiser SVHO and FX SVHO raise the bar of what’s possible when luxury and performance meet on the water. These models are fast, packed with features while remaining lightweight thanks to Yamaha’s proprietary NanoXcel hull and deck.

Ultra High Performance: The New 2014 Yamaha FZ Series

The Yamaha FZR and FZS have always been the epitome of high performance, race inspired engine design and achievement. For 2014, they get a double digit power boost from the SVHO engine that is matched with a new 160mm, 8-vein pump, new sponsons, a new ride plate and a new top loader intake grate, that together help this unit stay glued to the water during high speed turns.

For the buyer looking for the fastest WaveRunner on the water, there is no equal to the 2014 FZR and FZS. It was designed from concepts proven in world championship closed course racing, and now they can be purchased at a dealership near you.

Entry Level Meets High Tech

The value oriented VX line gets Yamaha’s exclusive NanoXcel hull and deck material that is lighter and stronger than before. In all, the Yamaha VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe are 65 pounds lighter, making them the lightest weight three-person watercraft today. Along with the weight savings, these models see enhancements in acceleration, fuel efficiency and handling.

“We are pushing new boundaries with this lineup in 2014. We are upping what was already the largest displacement engine in the industry, and taking it to a whole level. And with nanotech engineered hulls and decks on our VX models, entry level buyers will have amazing experiences on the water,” said Bryan Seti, Yamaha’s national marketing manager.

The 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner line is Yamaha’s largest ever with 14 distinct models when including the competition-only Yamaha SuperJet. More information on the new 2014 WaveRunner models is available at:


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