Do your salespeople ask for the sale every time?

Probably not. We know that asking for the sale is an obvious key to selling motorcycles, but we also know that on average, U.S. motorcycle salespeople ask for the sale less than half the time (48 percent to be exact). Given that asking for the sale directly sells more motorcycles, why do so many salespeople resist?

Two reasons: First of all because we humans dislike rejection as much as we dislike anything. Salespeople must understand and overcome the natural tendency to avoid asking for the sale just because they believe the answer will be “no.” Ask anyway. The math says that a salesperson will have to ask for the sale to six or seven customers before one will buy. Also, only by asking for the sale will a salesperson discover — and be able to overcome — a customer’s objections or obstacles to purchase. Secondly, your salespeople may be worried about coming off as too pushy. Encourage them to worry less. We know that on average. motorcycle salespeople “over-sell” less than 5 percent of the time; compared to “under-selling” 25 percent of the time.

By the way, asking for the sale doesn’t have to be predictable and obvious. It can simply be a transition from learning about the vehicle to buying the vehicle, such as suggesting to sit down and look at some numbers or asking whether today or tomorrow is a better day to take delivery.

Motorcycle customers do not visit your dealership to smell the flowers. They visit the dealership because they are interested in buying the products you sell. They won’t mind if a salesperson asks for the sale.

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