Dealership hosts ‘end of year’ party

Many dealerships in colder weather climates are coming to grips with the inevitable – summer is over. However, for one it isn’t a time for sorrow, but instead a celebration.

Bald Eagle Harley-Davidson hosted its end of the year parking lot party last weekend, with attendees enjoying refreshments as well as music from the Flat Broke Blues band.

“A lot of people like to get together towards the end of the season, ride it, and just get their last ride in,” Bald Eagle Harley Davidson Business and Marketing Manager Ashley Harris told Fox UP. “We do see a lot of people coming through for the fall color tour as well.”

Powersports Business has previously written about the importance of dealerships creating relationships with their surrounding communities, and the reciprocating relationships it can bring.

Does your dealership have any events planned for the fall? If so, let us know by reaching out via email to the hyperlinked author name.

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