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Harley-Davidson Bronx streetfighter delayed until 2022; reports

After unveiling both the Pan America and the Bronx at the EICMA motorcycle trade show last November, it appears Harley has chosen a production focus preference.

According to a recently published report, Harley-Davidson representatives have confirmed that while the Bronx won’t begin production next year, the Pan America has become the chief focus for the brand and that it’s focusing its efforts on that launch being successful.

“A total rewire is necessary to make Harley-Davidson a high-performance company. Building on our strong brand legacy, we are reinvigorating our core profit driving business – powered by our strongest dealers, most exciting products and careful inventory management, while focusing on the most important opportunities for future expansion,” said new CEO Jochen Zeitz in a statement.

Earlier in the year Harley cut 700 jobs globally.

“We’re overhauling our operating model and our product plan and are rewiring our market structure and organization to focus on the strengths of our brand and company,” Zeitz said. “We are now working on our new five-year strategic plan, the Hardwire, which will be grounded in enhancing the desirability of our brand and protecting the value of our iconic products.”

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  1. Good choice, coming out with the Pan American first. Adventure bikes are hot and getting that model out will help H-D get back on their feet. Now they need about two smaller versions; an 800cc as well as a 500 to 550 cc version, small and lighter and ready for more difficult terrain but still comfortable on the street.

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