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Vintage motorcycle auction site now live, an auction site dedicated exclusively to vintage motorcycles, is offering 60 days’ worth of free listings for registered users for a limited time. Founded by two vintage motorcycle enthusiasts who understand both auction platforms and the vintage motorcycle world, is the first site of its kind. 

“We’ve taken the best parts of the auction process and transposed them into a digital medium,” said Jason Delacroix, co-founder of “We wanted to make things easy for buyers and sellers while also providing a forum for vintage enthusiasts to congregate, comment, share and revel in our mutual passion for old machines.” offers big savings over “tent-pole” auction houses. Participation fees are less expensive, and there are no travel or transport expenses to get to market. Users simply buy and sell on an online, auction-style platform without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The auctioned bike stays under wraps in your garage, curbside, or wherever you keep it until it sells. And the savings realizes through the elimination of physical overhead gets passed on to the buyer. 

Here’s how works: Users register with a credit card (eliminating people who think it’s funny to bid on something and then not pay for it). Those who want to sell click the “Sell Your Bike” option and are provided with clear and easy instructions for posting photos, a thorough description and how to establish a realistic price/reserve. Your bike goes live shortly thereafter. Auctions run for seven days. Communication between potential buyers and the seller is facilitated and encouraged. Once a successful bid is established, the buyer and seller are connected, and they work out payment and transport.

Auctions are interactive, and the social platforms on the site encourage membership and community. You can opt to receive alerts for bids and comments or not, as you choose.

The only stipulation for bikes is that they be 25 years old or older. There is no proxy bidding allowed, and members of the Motoauct community will be able to vet bikes as they’re posted. Insertion fees for sellers are $98 a bike, and buyers pay a commission fee of 6 percent based on the final bid price of an item. 

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