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PSB shares Insider podcast: Generational insights to keep your dealership cruising

Powersports Business has released the latest Insider podcast that provides generational insights, tips and advice to help owners steer their dealerships in the right direction. In this podcast, we dig into three Synchrony consumer studies:

  • Generational Insights
  • In Synch Consumer Monthly Tracker
  • 9th Major Purchase Study

Click on the title below to listen:

Check out other episodes:

  • In Episode 1we talk about inflation and how to grow your business during a time of financial uncertainty.
  • Episode 2 covers how to embrace e-commerce and use it as a tool to connect with more customers.
  • In Episode 3 we discuss aftermarket products and how to help maximize profits from the parts and service departments.
  • In Episode four we provide dealers with a conversation about what to do with excess used inventory.
  • Episode five reveals seasonal Insights based on “In Sync with Consumers” conducted by Synchrony.
  • In Episode six, we share four trends that can help power dealerships into 2024.

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