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Rides4Fun offers weekend getaways for motorcyclists

Rides4Fun, backed by decades of industry experience and riding adventures, has launched for the 2024 season. The two-event series is focused on offering motorcyclists a curated event experience. Riders are treated to various pre-planned street- and big-bike-friendly adventure routes and quality lodging and dining. There are also multiple off-the-bike amenities that riders can enjoy, from elk tours to kayaking and more.

“We treat riders like valued guests,” says Fred Bramblett, owner of the Rides4Fun Series. “The series offers driveway-to-driveway support, meaning we partner with companies like REVER to facilitate a journey to the event destination and back. The experience is designed to enhance motorcycle travel and inspire riders to keep exploring. We’re elevating expectations of what a wonderful motorcycle event should be.”

2024 events

  • April 26-28, 2024 – MOA Getaway at The Breaks, Breaks Interstate Park: Breaks, Virginia
  • Sept. 6-8, 2024 – BMW MOA Kentucky State Rally, Pine Mountain State Resort Park: Pineville, Kentucky

Riders can visit the Rides4Fun website to learn more details, reserve a spot for one of the 2024 events and stay updated about 2025 events.

“For years, I have been organizing informal rides for my industry friends in the Central Appalachia Mountain region,” Bramblett says. “Everything, from the lodging and meals to the roads, has always been well received by them. And after 20-plus years in the powersports industry, attending nearly every type of motorcycle event, I recognized a void in the event industry.”

Bramblett is passionate about supporting the industry. Before establishing Rides4Fun, he took swift action to revive a grassroots motorcycle club in Kentucky after it went defunct during the pandemic, hosting monthly rides and growing its membership significantly within just a year. He also works with non-profits like Backroads of Appalachia and friends like Daryl Casey to plan events to support the region’s economy.

Daryl and Becki Casey stop to take in a stunning waterfall during a motorcycle ride. Photos courtesy of Higher Gear Success

“One of the reasons we wanted to plan these events is so that folks can make connections,” says Daryl Casey, event co-promoter. “There’s so much more to riding than just throwing leg over bike and spinning wheels. It’s about the connections you make and places you go. Fred is a wizard at the logistics side of stuff and is an amazing advocate for motorcycling and the local area.”

Bramblett adds that planning these events has allowed him to share the secrets of the mountains with hundreds of new riding friends. “I’m looking forward to sharing even more of beautiful Appalachia with fellow riders through Rides4Fun events,” he says.

  Becki and Daryl Casey enjoy spending time with other riders at events.

Riders will also be able to interact with vendors after riding some of the best roads in the Eastern portion of the U.S.

Series partners include BMW MOA, Backroads of Appalachia, REVER, Alpinestars and RoadRUNNER magazine. Current event partners are Cardo, DP Brakes and Torch Eyewear. To partner with Rides4Fun, please visit the Contact Us page on



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