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Forecasting 2011’s industry sales

Nel PascaleIf we do see a rebound in industry sales, what department are we most likely to see that jump in revenue in?

That forecasting question is one we asked 150 dealers from around the nation exactly one year ago.

Their thoughts:

  • The highest percentage (29 percent) believed it would come in service;
  • A slightly lower amount (26 percent) picked new unit sales as the likely rebound area;
  • Another notable-sized group (23 percent) selected the parts and accessory department as the one area where revenue growth was likely to occur in 2010.

What we’ve all actually seen is fairly soft numbers across the board, but certainly parts and accessories seems to have been the most stable department throughout 2010. That’s according to same store sales numbers we receive from ADP Lightspeed, which charts more than 700 metric and V-twin dealerships

What about 2011?

We’re again asking dealers for their insights into what 2011 will produce.

To join that survey, click here.

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