Identifying the dealer’s biggest need

Nel PascaleIf there is such a thing as a single, gaping hole in dealer services, I’m betting I know the area of biggest need.

It has to be flooring on used units.

Powersports Business is in the midst of a dealer survey that is looking extensively at offseason used unit purchasing, and I’m betting that of the dealers who are active in building their inventory in the offseason, somewhere north of 80 percent of them do so via their own financing.

In other words, they’re betting the savings they’ll see in purchasing used units during traditional slower times (at least for those of us in the north) will outweigh the challenging cash flow situation that leaves them in until early or late spring.

If your first reaction to that is: Then why spend an anxiety-filled winter over such matters? Well, consider the used market. It seems to be flourishing in an otherwise difficult retail environment. Without question the volume of used business continues to far, far outpace the new business. The biggest question is how much of a player can a dealer be in this segment without some sort of financial assistance.

If you’re a dealer, please take part in the national survey mentioned above by going to

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