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A clear picture of the industry’s past 15 months

Want to see exactly what has transpired at the dealership level in the past 15 months? Then check out this graphic.

It’s same store sales numbers from more than 400 dealerships across the United States and includes both V-twin and metric dealerships. The graphic, produced by ADP Lightspeed for Powersports Business, shows total store sales for these dealerships and compares the month to the year-ago month.

As you can see, it has been quite a ride, with a lot more chills (down-trending) than thrills (up-trending).

Thankfully, March turned out to be the best comparable month we’ve seen in at least 14 months, as it came under last year’s month by less than 2 percent.

It’s a clear signal to dealers: If you’ve been operating on a smaller staff and a leaner budget, then it’s time to take some cautious steps forward.

The retail sales spring and summer thrills that never came last year appear to be on the horizon.

Total Store SalesClick to enlarge

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  1. Do you happen to have April data? I’m curious to see if other dealers experienced what we have, which is a huge drop in mid-April and now May.

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