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Win the holiday female trifecta

Leslie Prevish Blog 8-13She’s coming into your store. She’s on your website. She’s spending more money this month than in the previous 11. Here are three tips to increase profits from the Female Buying Trifecta this holiday season, as she: 1) Buys for herself, 2) Buys for others and 3) Influences the sales of friends and family (online or in store).

A little bit for me

You don’t think she’s going to JUST spend money on gifts for others this season, do you? Most likely, the “add-on” purchases for herself won’t be big ticket items, but smaller purchases do add up. Think about what she may need when she’s out shopping, like warm gloves, a hat or a stylish scarf. If you’re in the South, perhaps she’ll need some new sunglasses? This could also be the time or year she finally buys that piece of jewelry she’s been eyeing, and doesn’t think anyone else will buy for her.

Gifts for others

Since most powersports customers are guys, how do you convince the women in their lives to buy their gifts from you? Tell them to drop big hints. She will thank you. Really, she will. As a woman who’s had to buy for brothers, nephews and a husband, we’re in the dark most of the time. Socks are a safe bet, but you know he’s tired of those. What about the heated window scraper and nose hair clippers? Neither works well, and the latter seems rather painful.

Be succinct, and direct with your email and social media posts. Encouraging him to “share” what he really wants by suggesting “Okay, maybe you do need socks, but they won’t get your motor running like a new accessory or leather jacket. Find what you REALLY want on our online catalog (include link) and forward the item’s link to her. She’ll appreciate the hint. She knows socks may keep you warm, but a new piece of leather will light your fire.”

Influencing big bucks

She’ll influence the sales of others in three key ways:

1)    Dropping hints about what SHE really wants. Give him some ideas to swing by her: Is this the year she wants a “learn to ride” certificate? A new piece of gear, so she’s more comfortable riding? Or that piece of jewelry she’s been coveting?

2)    When she finds a unique gift or great sale, she’ll tell others. One way to spur this word of mouth sharing through online sales is to include a coupon in the order confirmation email. Give it a 48-hour window and encourage her to share with a friend. Or, buy something else for herself.

3)    She’ll be coming into your store with others, and will have major influence on big, and small, ticket items. In a previous article, Selling to her emotional brain, I provided tips on using emotional stories to convert to sales. Give examples of how a new snowmobile or motorcycle will create more family memories and shared experiences that outlast the temporary fun from video games.

If your email content is finalized for December, at least attempt a few social media posts, and don’t forget to encourage sharing, i.e. “Hey guys (or gals), do you ‘like’ this [item]? If so, ‘like’ or ‘share’ with someone you love, so you don’t get another nose hair clipper or pair of socks.”


A rider for 24 years, Leslie spent 15 years with Harley-Davidson (three retail, 12 corporate) and created their marketing to women role in 2007. She spearheaded Women Riders Month and a Garage Party Campaign which drove 25,000 women to dealers. After two years at Trek Bicycles, Leslie now helps companies sell more to women. 



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