Learn from these top-tier promoters

What kind of marketing will best appeal to holiday shoppers? Check out the best of the best.
According to a national marketing survey, conducted by BIGresearch last December, Wal-Mart overtook Target as the company with shoppers’ favorite holiday commercials.

The list of top 10 holiday commercial/ad retailers also included: 3. Best Buy, 4. Gap, 5. Macy's, 6. Old Navy, 7. Kmart, 8. Sears, 9. Hallmark and 10. Kohl’s

Besides the fact that most of these retailers are price-friendly stores, why else are they in the top 10 for ads/promotions and circulars? What can you, as retailers, learn from these top-tier promoters? Namely:

1.    They’re persistent with their message;
2.    They convey clear messages;
3.    They stay on consumers’ radar around the calendar;
4.    They make it easy to shop;
5.    They keep you looking to them first.

Each one carries similar products, but they all have an identity that instills consumer confidence. Plus, most have strong return policies or warranty support.

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