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Kerr Declines Re-election to MDA

Motorcycle Designer Glynn Kerr says he does not intend to seek another term as president of the international organization.
The MDA holds committee elections every two years. Kerr was first voted president of the MDA six years ago at the organization's first official gathering in Munich.
Co-founded by Kerr and Francois-Marie Dumas, the MDA serves to bring together motorcycle designers of all nationalities to promote their activities and to ease communication between designers and potential clients, promote students' work and help create links between colleges and the motorcycle industry.
A part of Kerr's desire to step away from the demanding position with the MDA likely comes from the new business venture, Motovisions, that he is currently setting up in the U.S. In fact, he already sold his home in Villefranche de Lonchat, France, and set up shop in Roseville, Calif.
“I will be based mainly in the U.S. and won't be able to organize things in Europe so easily … so the timing is opportune to pass the president's position on to someone else,” Kerr told Powersports Business.
Motovisions offers OEMs a network of designers in different locations, pooling talent and diverse cultural influences. Motovision's Managing Director is Diane Morett. Morett has a 30-year background as an Information Technology and Business Analyst Consultant for Fortune 100 companies, including J.P. Morgan and Hewlett-Packard. She will run the administrative side of the business, leaving Kerr free to concentrate on design.
“The MDA was an unconquered mountain to climb,” Kerr said. “Now I'm moving on to new things, and new challenges. Motovisions will take most of my time for the near future. And there's always that book I keep threatening to write.
Read a complete interview with Glynn Kerr in the Nov. 13 issue of Powersports Business magazine.

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