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Montana dealership more than triples sales in new location

By By Kate Swanson

New facility leads to record sales for Maverick Motorsports

What’s better than loving what you do? Try loving what you do and getting paid to do it. Such is the case for Brent Gyuricza, owner of Maverick Motorsports in Missoula, Mont., who credits his dealership’s success to the hard work and the enthusiasm of his staff.

“We’re all passionate riders,” Gyuricza said. “We’re all active in motorsports, so we want to do everything we can to support the groups that are here.”

Maverick Motorsports moved to its current location just off of Interstate 90 in April 2014. Since the move, the dealership has seen exceptional sales numbers. “It’s been getting progressively busier,” he said. “Our total book of business just for this past February almost tripled.”

Maverick Motorsports carries Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph and soon, Zero Motorcycles, in its showroom.

Maverick Motorsports carries Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph and soon, Zero Motorcycles, in its showroom.

With such high sales overall, Maverick Motorsports’ success is a clear sign that the dealership is off to a better start in 2015. While overall sales are doing well, Gyuricza added that unit sales, specifically, had increased: “In units, last year we more than tripled sales than the prior year.” 

Maverick also continues to see increases in more than just sales. Its parts and accessories and service departments are also doing better than the previous year. Both have seen sales double, in fact. From getting into the new space, learning the best way to check-in parts and increasing overall organization, the dealership could see even more future benefits, Gyuricza added.

“The fact that we’re gaining and keeping customers is actually because of our passion for motorsports,” he said. “That’s definitely what makes everyone pretty happy. It’s what keeps them coming back.”

Besides upstanding customer service practices, Maverick benefits from its location near Interstate 90. “We wouldn’t have bought [the prior dealership] if we couldn’t have gotten this location,” added Gyuricza. “We’re right of the interstate, so we’re seeing a lot of people that are stopping at our shop first just because we’re there.”

While the dealership was planning its move, Maverick bought a former Triumph, Suzuki and Yamaha dealership, allowing Gyuricza to sell those brands in Maverick’s home county. “In Montana, it’s different from other states — they only allow one manufacturer representative per county,” Gyuricza explained. “If I wanted Triumph, Suzuki and Yamaha, the only way I could do that was to buy them from an existing dealership or go to a different county.”

Maverick decided to stay in the same county, buy an existing dealership and relocate to a high-traffic area.

At Maverick Motorsports, customers report a positive experience overall, especially in major unit sales.

“Last year we were tied for first nationally for CSI (customer service index) surveys,” Gyuricza said. Maverick was also a top Triumph seller in its region, based on unit sales per demographic outreach.

Owner Brent Gyuricza (center) and his two sons at a Yamaha demo. Maverick Motorsports has more sales volume from Yamaha than any other OEM.

Owner Brent Gyuricza (center) and his two sons at a Yamaha demo. Maverick Motorsports has more sales volume from Yamaha than any other OEM.

While Yamaha is its top-selling brand, Gyuricza says that the dealership has seen the largest increase in Triumph sales over the past year. “Yamaha is solid; we’re doing more volume with them,” he explained. “But Triumph evokes more emotion. There are guys in their 50s who remember riding one when they were teenagers, so there’s a lot of nostalgia value built around the Triumph line.”

Maverick plans to stay active in its region and community. The dealership is the first official powersports company of the University of Montana Grizzlies. It has an active presence on campus and at Grizzlies sporting events. Maverick also wants to be a bigger presence in the racing world, choosing to sponsor racers in the Big Sky MX series.

As the dealership approaches its first birthday, Gyuricza shares that there are a few expansion plans in store for Maverick. The 2.5-acre property has a gas pipeline running through the back, which may be replaced in the near future to accommodate a changing landscape surrounding the dealership. If it needs to be replaced, Maverick will take that opportunity to rebuild a retail facility that would be three times the current facility’s size.

“If nothing else — if they won’t move the gas line — we’ll end up turning our current facility into all showroom and parts. Then we’ll build a shop out back,” he said.

As it stands, Maverick is building a clubroom inside of the facility. Five local clubs have already asked to use the facility for their regular meetings.

In the future, Maverick Motorsports will expand the brands it offers as well. Zero Motorcycles will soon be added alongside the other OEMs, offering an electric option for riders. Expect the staff’s enthusiasm for two-wheeled products to drive sales to electric motorcycle buyers as well.

“There’s no better advertising than passionate, excited, happy workers — the people that love the sport. We’re excited to be here and to talk about motorcycles,” Gyuricza said. “People come in and say our enthusiasm infects them more than any other kind of sales tactic.”

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