Motorcycle Safety Foundation plans massive campaign

IRVINE, Calif. - The Motorcycle Safety FoundationSM and RADD (Recording Artists, Actors & Athletes Against Drunk Driving) are partnering on a massive public awareness campaign to curb drunk driving and riding in California.

The "Figure it Outtm" campaign offers designated driver rewards and is being promoted throughout January with a promotional effort that includes a $200,000 radio ad buy, 40,000 point-of-sale standees, 60,000 posters and 7,000 window clings. With one of the campaign's RADD Designated Driver's Licenses, participants can receive free non-alcoholic drinks, discounts on food and other items at more than 3,000 restaurants, bars and clubs. And a mail-in contest will reward one lucky contestant with a $2,500 travel voucher. Materials, some of which are in Spanish, have been shipped to more than 350 motorcycle dealerships throughout California.

Actor Catherine Bell, who is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, is among several celebrities lending their images to the campaign.

"To increase rider safety, we need to keep warning against drunk driving, and motorcycling fatalities and injuries would dramatically drop if people didn't drink and ride," said Dean Thompson, director, communications for the MSF. "Car drivers have more options than riders, including a designated driver or leaving the car and taking a cab. Since a motorcyclist can't have a designated driver, a rider needs to decide between riding or drinking. The two just don't mix."

Besides finding them at participating retailers, the RADD Designated Driver's Licenses can be downloaded from . RADD asks the license-holders to pledge that they are at least 21, that they will use a designated driver or be one, while staying straight and providing responsible transportation for all members of the group.

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