Bob Kay leads new Gunslinger program for AIH

When Bob Kay joined American IronHorse (AIH) last year, he said he wanted a new challenge. One of those opportunities, he told Powersports Business magazine, was to build the company’s parts and accessories business. It looks as though he’s on the way.
The company, after three years of manufacturing more than 300 motorcycle parts on its in-house production line, said it would take its parts designs to the aftermarket. AIH’s new parts line, Gunslinger, which includes innovative wheel, exhaust and accessory packages, will debut at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati and be unveiled in stages at seven more rallies and shows in 2003.
“This is a very exciting new era for the company and the industry,” said Kay. Never before has a large custom motorcycle manufacturer been able to take its custom expertise and manufacturing know-how to launch this type of aftermarket offering. What we bring to the market is our ability to specialize in high-demand designs, and because of our size and unique set-up, produce high-quality parts in volume for dealers and their customers at an affordable level.”
American IronHorse has set up a 40,000-sq.-ft. parts distribution facility located at its Fort Worth, Texas, headquarters for the new line. The OEM operation is backed by a new state-of- the-art ERP system that manages specialized inventories for motorcycle production and distribution.
“The fact that we are under one roof makes a huge difference,” added Kay. “We’ll have some amazing ship-thru programs so we can literally build a bike and/or its part sets for dealers or their customers simultaneously. Delivery will be fully complete and reliable. This is an unprecedented way to order a custom bike or buy aftermarket component sets.”
The company’s B2O (Build to Order) Program and other offerings will showcase:

  • Eight styles of one-piece forged wheels with matching rotors and pulleys
  • Front wheels in several diameters
  • Rear wheels available in several widths
  • A line of 1.25-in. fat handlebars
  • A line of custom exhaust pipes
  • Accessory packages for the popular Texas Chopper model, including a custom seat and pillion pad combination, 80-spoke wire wheel packages, custom exhausts and handlebar options.

AIH said it plans to market its Gunslinger line with limited introductory offers to dealerships that serve AIH riders and owners of post-1984 Harley-Davidsons. The company will focus on its existing dealerships for primary distribution, but plans to pitch the new line to dealers based in regions not represented by AIH. It will not sell to boutiques, mail-order houses or accessory only shops.
“This is a natural extension of who we’ve become,” said Bill Rucker, CEO and co-founder of American IronHorse. “Two of our ultimate goals are to enhance business for our dealers and empower customers to personalize their riding experience. We feel confident that Gunslinger will be a huge success in a $1 billion-dollar-plus marketplace because this is a unique line of products with specialized functions that appeals to a serious aftermarket custom enthusiast.” 

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