Dealership owner optimistic about powersports industry future

Powersports Business associate editor Madelyn Hubbard recently interviewed Brent Gyurizca, owner of Maverick Motorsports, who shared his positive outlook on the future of the powersports industry.

“I know a lot of people have been concerned that post COVID-19 we’re going to hit a 2008/2009 slump,” Gyurizca said. “But we are fully optimistic that there is a great future in motorsports, and we are 100% committed to growing our brand and growing the motorsports industry.”

He bought his first dealership in Missoula, Montana, in 2014 and now owns three locations. The dealership’s expansion was not gradual. Last year, Gyurizca purchased both Maverick Motorsports of Butte and Maverick Motorsports of Phillipsburg within 11 months. He plans to continue expanding, considering two possible acquisitions this year.

Gyurizca strives to promote motorsports in Western Montana through the dealership’s involvement in activities and events.

“The climate around the world is changing, and access off-road is under a lot of scrutiny,” he said. “For us, it’s important that, one, we’re helping to make people aware of their rights and the challenges out there. Secondly, we have a beautiful state, and we want to see people getting into motorsports. We want to get people outside in Montana, to explore and have adventures. Thirdly, building connectedness. It’s important to sponsor events post-COVID-19 just to get people back together and get them out.”

Learn more about how the dealership promotes motorsports through adventure bike rentals and community involvement in an upcoming edition of the magazine.

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