Digital Lead Performance introduces digital sales solution software

Digital Lead Performance has launched LeadHelm, a digital sales solution software that simplifies the digital buying experience for both customers and dealerships.

LeadHelm makes it easy for dealers to communicate with their digital customers quickly and effectively. No matter how many leads a dealer receives per month, LeadHelm simplifies the digital lead follow up process by organizing, managing and prioritizing digital leads.

Like a radar, LeadHelm captures, tracks and alerts dealers to important leads, propelling the dealership’s digital lead conversions quickly. The digital sales solution allows dealers to influence the customer’s buying journey and convert the sale faster and more efficiently.

“We set out to develop a lead management solution for our team who is managing over 15,000 new leads per month while continuing to follow up with prior month leads,” said Scott Fischer, chief executive officer. “We learned quickly that this [LeadHelm] was the digital sales solution our industry needed. We began focusing our efforts on creating a simple, yet high-performing solution for dealers to manage their digital leads in-house. A year later, we’re bringing it to our industry.”

LeadHelm is made up of four key pillars designed for dealers by dealers to maximize the digital sales process:

1. The business intelligence core is made up of strategic integrations, data clarity capabilities, accountability tools and reporting.

2.   The user dashboard is the client’s digital lead management and prioritization tool.

3. The integrated communication platform provides historical conversations and customized communication abilities to communicate with customers faster and easier.

4.  LeadHelm includes a training academy, live and recorded, that is available to provide even more coaching and development for the software and operational excellence.


LeadHelm is fully integrated with CDK Global and Eleads CRM. LeadHelm allows dealers to reduce the number of systems needed, maximizing their efforts.

The software simplifies KPIs and metrics for dealers, helping them understand their true lead response time, from inbound lead to outbound activity, lead disposition, number of appointments set and kept, conversation history and conversions. It gives dealers insight into their digital sales process and performance, their customer’s digital buying journey and allows sales teams to focus on genuine human interaction.

“LeadHelm will change how dealerships and sales teams do business and evolve with today’s digital evolution,” said Aaron Barney, chief operating officer. “Not only does it streamline communication and make sure nothing is missed, it makes it easier for sales staff to influence the customer’s emotional journey and expedite the buying process. LeadHelm puts the customer first and helps dealers achieve more appointments. It’s a win-win.”

“We want to be able to help other businesses and retail sectors save time and be more efficient with their digital lead follow-up process,” Fischer said. “Soon, they’ll be able to take full advantage of LeadHelm to improve their return on investment and increase their digital lead conversion faster than before.”

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