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2022 North American NVP Expo returns bigger and better than ever

The 2022 North American NVP Expo in Madison, Wisconsin brought back together Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties and Parts Canada for the first time in three years.

The event, which took place August 18 – 21 at the Monona Terrace, was a long-awaited reunion of the three companies to introduce the fall buying season. Not only was the expo floor expanded to accommodate over 20 new vendors, but the dealer attendance increased by 40%, making it the largest Madison NVP Expo ever.  

The 2022 North American NVP Expo in Madison, WI brought back together Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties and Parts Canada for the first time in three years.

“A record number of vendors, dealers and LeMans staff participated in the 2022 Summer NVP and post show feedback has been abundant and extremely positive,” Paul Langley, Chairman of LeMans Corp. said. “The planning and teamwork put forth by our dedicated staff along with a three-year hiatus crafted the best NVP I have ever witnessed. Moving forward, we can build on this momentum for 2023 and beyond.”  

Highlights of the weekend included a dealer-packed Expo floor both days and 20+ new vendors in attendance across many markets – from HD to ATV/UTV and many from the newest market, E-bike. The Intense TazerMX E-bike booth held a steady stream of visitors where attending dealers were able to get first-hand experience with the bikes and hop-on for a test ride. The biggest highlight by far was just being back together, face-to-face with industry colleagues and friends.

“It had been three years since we last got together, after mere minutes with old industry friends it became very evident the show was going to be a success,” James Danyluk, President of Parts Canada said. “The two main ingredients for a successful show are great industry relationships and mutual sales objectives and the 2022 Madison NVP was a complete success on both.”

Saturday evening’s Meet and Greet once again brought the industry together with a Bike Show where attendees could vote for their favorite Metric and V-twin creations. People’s Choice award winner for Metric was Fabian Gonzalez of The Toy Shop & Motolounge while the V-Twin People’s Choice award went to Tyler Griffen of Road Rage BikeWorks. Following the bike show was a celebration of Icon’s 20th Anniversary with a stunt show and mini-E-bike relay races in downtown Madison.

“This was the largest family reunion I have ever attended,” Mike Collins, President of LeMans Corporation said. “It was also the best. We’ve set the bar very high with this one. I can’t wait for Louisville!”

Save the date. Louisville NVP Expo January 21 – 22, 2023.

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