Editor position filled

Powersports Business announced today that it has filled the role of editor-in-chief with a familiar face to many dealers and industry members.

After a brief stint in the automotive space, Dave McMahon has rejoined the team as editor-in-chief and associate publisher, alongside managing editor Nick Longworth.

“I left with a feeling in my gut and returned with a feeling in my heart,” McMahon said. “As several emails from friends over the last 24 hours have noted, ‘welcome home’ indeed. Our industry rocks!”

Continue to reach Dave at dmcmahon@epgmediallc.com and (763) 383-4411.

“I’m looking forward to the industry gathering in person for the first time since 2019 at the inaugural PSB Accelerate Conference in Atlanta, Nov. 8-10,” he added. “The dealer attendee list gets more impressive by the day. The peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities are going to be off the charts."

Register, view the seminar lineup and check out the sponsors for Accelerate today at


PSB editor Dave McMahon: back in the saddle again.