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Dealership hosts two events in one day

In the waning days of summer, one Texas dealership is staying active with events until the very end.

Texoma Harley-Davidson in Sherman, Texas, hosted both a backpack drop-off benefitting local school kids, and also a vintage Harley “hot wheels” show as well.

“I feel like it’s always been a part of the motorcycle culture to give back to the community,” said business manager Everett Sims, according to KTEN ABC. “A lot of people might see someone who looks rough and mean, but there’s so many poker runs and charity events that go on, and we like to be a part of it.”

To aid the generous spirit, those who donated more than $10 were entered into a raffle to win a $2,000 in-store credit.

Has your dealership remained active producing events? If so let us know what you’ve been doing in the comments section below!

Texoma Harley-Davidson, dealership event

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