Fires that destroyed D&S Harley-Davidson gain national attention

Powersports Business reported previously that two separate fires converged to destroy D&S Harley-Davidson in Phoenix, Oregon, along with much of its surrounding community. In total, the destruction left in its wake is overwhelming.

Recently the Washington Post has taken up the story, reporting how the lack of available resources for the surrounding community’s fire department contributed to its spread.

But beyond the fires themselves, the story is one of resilience as the family of five plans to rebuild its mom-and-pop shop that was a few months shy of its 50th anniversary.

Over the past few weeks Powersports Business took time away from their rebuilding to speak with part owner Kim O’Toole for an upcoming story about exactly what happened, what they’ve learned and any possible future plans. Keep an eye toward our next issue for the inside scoop!

D&S Harley-Davidson
Merely charred bikes and rumble remain of what was once the D&S Harley-Davidson storefront.