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East Coast’s largest H-D dealer group makes acquisition

Manchester Harley-Davidson in New Hampshire has been acquired by Paul Veracka, his second acquisition since he split from his brother Michael and started his own company.

“We have been talking with Mr. Talarico for years to purchase the Manchester location and timing was finally right to take over the dealership,” Veracka said. 

Manchester Harley-Davidson

Manchester H-D is located 35 miles north of sister store High Octane H-D, which is in Billerica, Massachusetts. With the close proximity of Manchester H-D and High Octane H-D, there are a lot of synergies for events, rides, and marketing that the dealerships can take advantage of. 

“High Octane is already the largest new bike dealership in the North East and we feel with the vast Harley-Davidson community in New Hampshire, Manchester has the customer base to equal or even dethrone High Octane H-D,” Veracka said. “The 2020 goal for the dealer group is to have 5 of the top 10 new bike volume dealerships on the East Coast while providing every customer a premium customer experience.”

“This is my sixth Harley-Davidson dealership now with the goal to own 10 dealerships total in the next couple of years,” Veracka added. “With the current strong economy and my relationship with Harley-Davidson Motor Company, I have been able to pay over-market value on several acquisitions in the past few years as I continue acquiring stores. Knowing the process allows me to typically bypass brokers to give maximum value to the seller and expedite the timing.”

Manchester H-D’s previous owner, Steve Talarico, stated, “Paul Veracka and his team put the deal together without requiring assistance from outside advisors. It was a pleasure to watch our two teams of professionals make a deal happen quickly.  We wish them continued success in New Hampshire.”

With the recent Alligator Alley H-D and Manchester H-D acquisitions, it has allowed many of the current employees to transfer dealerships and earn promotions. With consistent industry leading training programs and procedures, it makes it easy for an employee to transfer dealerships knowing the new dealership will be operated the same way.

“With the rapid growth the past few months and more to come in the future, I’m also looking for additional staff that want to join an expanding dealer group with room for growth and internal promotions,” Veracka said.

Veracka’s team brings with it consulting from The Motorcycle Company (“TMC”).  TMC is a consulting company owned by his father Dave Veracka, with a staff of over 30 that provide support to the six dealerships. The consulting support, along with doubling the marketing dollars, bringing in additional inventory, and increasing the staff will make Manchester Harley-Davidson a key Harley-Davidson location in New Hampshire.

Collectively, Paul’s company will sell over 5,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles this year, continuing to strengthen its position as one of the largest Harley-Davidson groups in the world. 

As the greater Manchester area continues to grow, Manchester Harley-Davidson plans to further build the Harley-Davidson community one premium customer experience and one new Harley rider at a time.

Paul Veracka’s company of Harley-Davidson stores consist of:

  • High Octane Harley-Davidson in Billerica, Massachusetts
  • Palm Beach Harley-Davidson in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Rockstar Harley-Davidson in Fort Myers, Florida
  • Motown Harley-Davidson in Taylor, Michigan
  • Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson in Sunrise, Florida
  • Manchester Harley-Davidson in Manchester, New Hampshire

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