From “on-screen” to “off-road” for Fishers


After decades spent travelling the country in search of the ultimate off-road riding spots, one powersports veteran is looking to give others the experience of a lifetime.

Brian Fisher, former host of “Fisher’s ATV World” TV show has begun the adventure into his latest business venture with Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals, a side-by-side rental business located outside of Nashville. Fisher has formulated the ultimate riding experience for riders through guided GPS tours to local wineries, historic ghost towns, and even Johnny Cash’s home of over 30 years, all throughout picturesque middle Tennessee. 

After appearing on television for nearly two decades, Brian and Melissa Fisher are embarking on their next adventure in the powersports industry with Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals, a side-by-side rental business located outside of Nashville. Photos courtesy of Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals

A powersports enthusiast himself, Fisher is no stranger to finding the best areas in which to kick up some dirt. You might remember Fisher from his television show, “Fisher’s ATV World,” which aired on the Outdoor Channel from 2002 to 2017 and currently airs on Discovery’s Destination America Channel and NBC Sports Network. The show documented Fisher and his family’s journey around the country in search of the best off-roading locations.

“We did television for 20 years. We’ve been everywhere,” Fisher told Powersports Business. “Through our experiences and the many rides we’ve done, we’ve ended up helping a lot of people get their rental businesses up and running. My wife Melissa and I always talked about how cool it would be if we could have a rental business of our own someday.”

The Fishers tried their hand at running a dealership of their own in 1999 for five years, but quickly realized dealership life simply wasn’t for them. Instead, they shifted their focus to television, where “Fisher’s ATV World” ran for nearly two decades. It wasn’t until the show went off the air in 2017 that the Fishers took a good look at their surroundings at home in Tennessee — and realized what they’d been missing.

“When we moved to Nashville seven years ago, we didn’t realize that we had hundreds of miles of some of the most amazing spots to ride, from middle Tennessee dirt roads to creek crossings and waterfalls. We ride all over the world, and here we have some of the most amazing riding you could imagine right out our back door.”

That realization was their ticket to finally going forward with their rental business. 

Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals officially opened for business in December. Side-by-side tours will be based around the Nashville area with a variety of options depending on what customers are looking to get out of their experience. Riders can choose between any of the tours programmed into the GPS, or they can explore the hundreds of miles of trails running throughout rural Tennessee.

Riders can choose between guided GPS tours of nearby attractions or exploring the Tennessee 
trails at their leisure. 

“One of the most important aspects of this tour is that we have top-notch equipment and top-of-the-line side-by-sides,” Fisher explained. “Some tour companies have really beat down equipment, and that doesn’t give the person on the tour the best experience. We want to take their experience level through the roof, and part of that involves giving customers top-quality equipment, along with the best in accessories.”

With Nashville’s high tourism bringing millions of people to the Tennessee area year-round, Fisher anticipates that his business will draw a wide variety of people looking to experience the rural side of Nashville.

Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals currently offers two 2020 Can-Am Maverick Max sport side-by-sides, each fully equipped with accessories.

“We’d love to see families come out that are looking to have some fun — the family dynamic is what we built our show on, and we’d love to continue with that mindset. But here in Nashville, we have about 15.5 million visitors per year and 6.9 billion tourism dollars that come into Nashville alone. With that in mind, we’ll certainly hit a lot of that market, whether it’s bridal parties coming into town, team bonding getaways for businesses, or simply a group of guys looking to get away for the weekend. We want people who will come out and really enjoy and appreciate the tour.”

To start, Fisher’s Off Road Rentals currently offers two 2020 Can-Am Maverick Max sport side-by-sides fully equipped with accessories. As time goes on, Fisher anticipates the number of available rental units to expand exponentially.

“As we grow, I can easily see us doing 50 rental units and building up the business,” he explained. “We really want to focus on our middle Tennessee area and on expanding here versus branching out to other areas. We might branch out in the future, but for right now our priority is to provide quality over quantity.”

After decades of experience in the industry, Fisher and his family are ready to see what this new business endeavor brings.

“This a great experience for anyone who comes to Nashville and wants to explore middle Tennessee’s beautiful back roads,” Fisher said. “There’s nothing quite like the wind therapy as you cruise the back roads. The peace you get is like nothing else, and we’re excited to share that with others.”

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  1. The Fisher family will without a doubt give their customers an experience of a lifetime.