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CFMOTO wows with all-new 700CL-X motorcycle launch at EICMA

Milan, Italy, the international fashion and design capital, is the city where amazing art pieces were born throughout the ages. Before the EICMA show on Monday night, CFMOTO held a new product launch conference in Milan’s historic location Officine Del Volo, a gem of a modern day events center that once served as the location where aeronautical engineer Gianni Caproni, the father of Italian aviation, designed the country’s first aircraft in 1910.

CFMOTO CL-X700 Heritage

It was that theme of pushing forward that China-based CFMOTO announced its first modern retro motorcycle model, the 700CL-X, as part of it 30th anniversary celebration. Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon was on hand for the event hours after landing in Milan (stopping for a quick pizza for lunch at Sabatini, of course).

The reveal announced a brand new CFMOTO product segment for the European market, designed in Italy and creating a buzz inside the Officini Del Vollo thanks to its top-notch production. The CL-X series follows the established street motorcycle NK series, the racing SR series, the touring GT series and the multi-function MT series.

With its continuing pursuit of creating products of performance and quality, CFMOTO strives to bring more high-value products to consumers with unique and sophisticated design, combined with excellent handling and agility. The 700CL-X targets consumers with riding experience and in the pursuit of quality life and fashion trends.

CFMOTO CL-X700 Adventure


The design of the 700CL-X is an expression of pure simplicity, using modern technology and craftsmanship to interpret the retro atmosphere. Naturally, a large number of vintage elements are remained: round headlights, round gauges, round rearview mirrors, relatively exposed frames, slim fuel tank and retro cushions.

The lightweight design of the 700CL-X frame weighs 16.5kg and the swingarm weighs 6.7kg for a more relaxing ride. The comfortable ergonomic adjustments allow you to enjoy the ride as you please. Standard tires that provide outstanding grip, adjustable suspension system, and performance braking all allow you to confidently travel in different road conditions and environments.

CFMOTO CL-X700 Sport

Not only that, but the customization is another pleasure. The 700CL-X offers plenty of customization points, allowing you to express yourself and pass your unique taste through personalized touches. ABS, electronically controlled throttle, sliding clutch, cruise control, electronic protection control unit and other industry-leading configurations will be equipped on the new 700CL-X models.


The design style of the 700CL-X is modern, and the bike carries a sense of futuristic technology. However, its vintage appearance also provides it a café racer feel that blends with sports and adventure. The model can embody various styles effortlessly and uses a large number of retro motorcycle elements in its product design: round LED chrome-plated headlights and tachometer, muscular trellis frame, metal matte-finished steel tank, retro-style leather cushion, and dynamically embedded taillight, multi-strand aluminum alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, etc. The engraved “X” logo can be seen everywhere, which immediately communicates a unique family DNA. A new era of CFMOTO motorcycles.

Full LED

The “X” design element of the headlights and the “H” design element of the rear taillights enhance the model recognition. The 700CL-X possesses the innovative lighting system that automatically switches on/off according to ambient brightness.


The 700CL-X has an all-new round retro LCD instrument with a 75mm surface diameter. The information center can also display fuel consumption and incoming call.


The newly developed 692cc inline twin-cylinder water-cooled engine on the 700CL-X embodies over 30 years of excellence, and is the latest evolution of the CFMOTO 150/250/400/650 displacement platforms, featuring split-type connection rod, forged piston, electronic throttle, sliding clutch.

The optimized intake system improves efficiency and increases the peak power of the engine to 55kw/67Nm.


USB charging plug

The 700CL-X is equipped with a USB charging port under the seat, allowing the rider to charge electronic devices and repair tools on the go.

Safety Protection

• Ignition protection:

The bike can only be ignited at neutral gear or clutch held when gears engaged and side stand released; 

• Limp Home Mode

In case of an engine control unit failure, the Limp Home Mode will effect and driver can still drive at a limited safety speed without being left on the road.

• Rollover Sensor

When the bike is tilted to certain degree, the sensor reacts and shuts off the engine;

Cruise Mode

A touch of cruise button will remain the vehicle at cruise speed, a very helpful function to reduce the operation pressure of the right hand, typically during long trips.

Easy Maintenance 

By simply removing the right plastic panel, air filter can be easily replace. Oil draining and refilling can also be easily done at home. 


Customize your motorcycle

The 700CL-X allows you to enjoy endless creativity and dive into the joy of DIY.

CFMOTO launched three modified versions, including Heritage, Adventure and Sport. Each has its own style from the application of various colors to the details of the modified parts. You can now create your own unique style and make your bike unique to you.


Dry Weight (kg)        183

Length (mm) 2100

Width (mm)  860

Height (mm)  1150

Wheel Base (mm)     1435

Seat Height (mm)     800

Ground Clearance (mm)      160

Fuel Tank Capacity (l)          13.5

Tire (Front) — 110/80-R18

Tire (Rear) — 180/55-R17

Front Brake — Radial-mount caliper  Ø320mm  Single

Rear Brake — Float-type caliper Ø260mmSingle

Front Fork — USD、damping adjustable、

Rear shock — Central shock absorber、damping adjustable、

Engine Type — Inline Twin-cyliner,4 Stroke, Liquid cooled

Displacement — (cm3) 692.2

Clutch type — Slide Clutch

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