Dealership to host rider training event with five motorcycle organizations

A California motorcycle dealership is set to host five different rider training organizations on Saturday, July 20. The “Training with the Pros” event at Long Beach BMW Motorcycles will be held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

The dealership is bringing together five different motorcycle training organizations for a single educational event to help riders in their community learn more about the rider training options available to them.

“We are big proponents of rider training,” said dealership co-owner and general manager Charles Berthon. “Whether you are a new rider or someone with decades of experience, these training programs can help any rider develop their techniques and help make them more competent and safer riders.”

Long Beach BMW Motorcycles has enjoyed long-running relationships with each of the training organizations that are participating in the event:

  • Advanced Rider Training
  • California Superbike School
  • MotoVentures
  • RawHyde Adventures
  • Westside Motorcycle Academy

“The beauty of this event is that no matter what kind of bike you ride, or where you are at in the development of your skillset as a rider, one or more of these schools will have a program that is perfect for you,” said dealership co-owner and sales manager David Lindahl. “This is also the perfect event for that friend or family member that might be thinking about getting into riding, but is hesitant or maybe does not know where to begin.”

Each participating training organization will have the opportunity to give several short presentations and Q&A sessions. This will allow attendees the ability to attend talks by multiple companies throughout the event. Lunch will be provided. Tickets for this event are free.

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