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Vintage Kawasaki cache to be sold at NPA auction

We have all heard about the legendary “barn find” of a rare bike hidden away for decades just waiting to be discovered. But how about a cache of 70 machines all at once? National Powersport Auctions (NPA), the world’s largest provider of powersport vehicle remarketing services, has uncovered a collection of vintage Kawasaki’s that is as eclectic as it is exotic, ranging from KLX 110s up to a legendary H2. NPA will be auctioning off the full collection through their San Diego auction on February 1st. The auction starts at 8 a.m. PST, and the bikes will be running throughout the day.

“Each bike has a unique story and timeline, but their individual journeys have culminated here,” says NPA Director of Business Development Tony Altieri. “Some of these bikes have been stashed away in a warehouse since the 1970s! There are several bikes with 0 miles on the odometer and a couple are still in the crates.” While NPA is not at liberty to disclose the source of the collection, Altieri attests to the fact that the bikes are coming from a climate-controlled California warehouse.

“Not every bike is pristine or as desirable as the 1974 H2, but there are some diamonds mixed into the offering,” Altieri adds. “The conditions range from new bikes still in the crate to bikes with more than 20,000 miles on the odometer. There are project and parts-only bikes that we can’t even begin to estimate the mileage, but there are also several bikes that still have the exhaust plugs in them and have never had the battery hooked up or gas in the tank.”

While the models and condition of each machine are all over the board, the one constant is that every unit is a Kawasaki. “There is even a 1981 440 Jet Ski and a 1984 ZX750 Turbo in the mix,” notes Altieri. Of course, most of the serious Kawasaki collectors will want to know about the 1974 H2 Mach IV. “It is the real deal — a 750cc 3-cylinder two-stroke monster with 1,714 miles on the clock. It is 100% original, just missing the tank and other cosmetic pieces, but the perfect base for a concours level project,” he says.

Kawasaki collectors can discover if their own personal Holy Grail has been hidden away in this cache by clicking on the NPA home page in the days leading up to this exclusive auction.

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