The Mint 400 slated to return to Las Vegas in March 2019

The Martelli Brothers announced today that The Mint 400 will return to Las Vegas, Nevada, March 4th-10th, 2019. “The Great American Off-Road Race” will feature two days of racing on Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th, with pre-race festivities beginning earlier that week.

For the first time in decades, motorcycles will once again return to the Mint and compete on a new single-track course designed to challenge even the most seasoned desert moto racers. The addition of bikes on a second day of racing is expected to push the number of race entries well over six hundred next year.

The Martelli Brothers and their production arm, Mad Media, have successfully grown The Mint 400 into the largest and most important off-road race in the world. The event attracts over 35,000 spectators to Las Vegas for the race and week-long activities while featuring over four hundred race teams from as many as twenty-seven different states and seventeen different countries. Participants compete on a 120-mile loop that extends from the edge of Las Vegas to the California-Nevada state line at Primm. With five massive spectator areas (and more being developed for 2019), The Mint 400 puts fans safely in front of high-speed, off-road racing action.

“This year we hit some significant milestones with the expansion of our television and livestream packages,” said Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli. “Our social media impact alone increased 176% from last year. For 2019, we are continuing to expand and adding new events to the Mint - building on the festival idea - including adding an additional day of racing to accommodate professional desert moto racers.”

“Our focus since buying the Mint has been to not only grow the event and re-establish it as a worldwide phenomenon, but to also bring the sport of desert off-road racing and culture of off-roading to anyone with a TV or smart phone,” he said.

The Mint 400 has enjoyed nine years of uninterrupted national television coverage, and is beamed into 80 million homes nationwide via their current ABC World of X Games package. Additionally, The Mint 400 live stream, which debuted this year, reached over 250K unique viewers. The online and social media impact exceeded 300 million impressions, making the event the most visible and heavily documented off-road race on the planet.

In 2019, The Mint 400 will kick off its events in Las Vegas on March 5th with their annual vehicle procession down the Las Vegas Strip, showcasing over twenty million dollars worth of racecars in the direct spotlight of Sin City.  Qualifying for the Unlimited Trick Trucks and select classes will once again take place early in the week. Select events will take place downtown Fremont East, with the help and support of The Downtown Project and City of Las Vegas - and once again put the race and race teams front and center for the amazing spectacle only Las Vegas can deliver. Fans can expect two days of Contingency & Technical Inspection again next year, and of course two days of incredible racing centered around the official start/finish line at Primm Valley Resorts behind Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino.

More details on the events surrounding the 51st anniversary of the Great American Off-Road race will be shared in the coming months.



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