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Suzuki releases 2019 KingQuad 750 and 500 models

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. is proud to announce the new KingQuad 750 and KingQuad 500 ATVs.  Building on Suzuki’s heritage of ATV leadership, these two models feature an array of new improvements that deliver the most powerful, reliable, and capable KingQuad machines that Suzuki has ever built.

The new KingQuad 750 and KingQuad 500 are new from the ground up, including a new high-output engine and updated transmission for smooth power and stronger acceleration. A stronger frame and new receiver-type trailer hitch for increased towing capacity. New gas-charged shocks and an updated power-steering system for more control with less rider fatigue. A new handlebar mounted headlight and LED taillight for increased visibility. Plus a new third storage compartment, aggressive new styling complete with cast-aluminum wheels (on select models), and two bold new color options. These all-new KingQuad ATVs will be arriving at Suzuki dealerships beginning in June.

Key Features
As the inventor of four-wheel ATVs and innovator of the sports-utility class, Suzuki engineers took the opportunity to extensively update key areas of the KingQuad as the new body design was developed. Each change was carefully executed to preserve the nature of the beloved and iconic KingQuad:

  • The KingQuad’s engine tuning was refined to produce a strong and smooth power curve with a slight bump in peak power (750 model).
  • Oil-jet cooling on the underside of the piston along with high oil pump output is added to the KingQuad 750’s engine.
  • Tuning of the QuadmaticTM CVT transmission was changed to strengthen and smooth acceleration from a stop and to raise RPM during engine braking to help the rider better control downhill riding (750 model).
  • Every 750 and 500 KingQuad model is EPA emissions complaint, including new California models eligible for Green-sticker off-road registration. 
  • The KingQuad 750 and 500 models have a new frame with thicker main tubes and redesigned rear suspension brackets that boost the towing capacity 33 percent to 1,322 pounds.
  • The stronger frame is supported by new front and rear gas-charged shock absorbers that are with new valving to improve the ride and work capacity of the chassis.
  • The rear stabilizer bar is increased in diameter and connects to the lower a-arms via a more complaint bushing to help control body movement and deliver a smooth ride.
  • The front and rear brakes have been updated to perform better and provide better feedback to the rider.
  • The steering alignment is calibrated to create a “natural handling characteristic” to ease rider effort and improve maneuverability.
  • The electronic power steering module has over 30 percent higher output to significantly reduce steering effort and to damp jolts to the rider.
  • A new handlebar-mounted headlight is added, which illuminates the trail where the steering is pointed, and is controlled separately from the dual headlights in the ATV’s front grille. A new, low-draw LED taillight is also added.
  • The new multi-function dash panel is easier to read with a fresh format and fonts. A new service reminder feature can be programed for mileage or running time intervals.
  • Standard on the 750 and 500 Power Steering SE and SE+ models are new, lightweight, cast-aluminum wheels that bring a stunning new design to ATVs. These wheels are also an option on the other KingQuad 750 and 500 models.
  • Several new Suzuki Genuine Accessories will be available for the new KingQuad, including items like a quick-release plow blade, heavy-duty bumper set and more.
    The 2019 KingQuad 750/500AXi Power Steering Camo includes black, matte-finish steel wheels. Photos courtesy of Suzuki

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